Shanti first studied Fine Art Painting at the University of Brighton, and then on the postgraduate Drawing Year course at the Royal Drawing School in London, graduating in 2017. Since then she has been making work and always uses drawing as a means of communicating and developing her ideas. 

As an artist I work primarily with drawing and painting in both water based and oil based mediums. I have worked on commissions for private clients including painting bespoke furniture and painting outdoor murals. I also work as a scenic artist for films, television and theatre.


In my fine art, I explore colour and space with an abstract feel. 'Play' is of huge importance in my process, works of landscape and portraiture explore how colours and marks interact to create impressions on a 2d surface, working on paper, canvas and wooden board. I also make etchings (prints) and ceramics. 


As a Scenic Artist, I have worked on films such as Dumbo and Paddington 2, and more recently the tv series Nyela's Dream and at the English National Opera Prop Workshop. For photos of my scenic work please get in touch.


My recent work includes designing the set for a new writing play 'Boomerang', with a sell-out week of performance at the White Bear Theatre in Kennington in February 2019, and am now preparing for another run at the Kings Head Theatre in Islington in May 2019.